Allegiant Ends Divergent Series…

There are so many reasons I love the Divergent series, mainly because I can’t wait to see Shailene Woodly make it through Dauntless initiation and hook up with hottie Four (Theo James), but also because it’s been a fast paced, dark, twisted, thrilling and passionate series thus far. That said, I just finished Allegiant tonight – last book in the series – just came out. I didn’t love it. The explanation(s) for the dystopia (government, always the government) & the fractured social landscape served only to disorient an over analytical (Erudite) reader. But, I am an overeducated douche reading teen lit. Anyway, I found it jumbled, cheesy, too loose and especially brisk in its wrap up and then overly sentimental in the conclusion. What’d you think?
Here’s where I begin my chant: “Bring back Tris! Bring back Tris! Bring back Tris!” Come on! Really?


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