Slightly Odd Bear Grylls Dream

Bear Book

I just woke up from a dream about being stuck in prison with Bear Grylls. Well, I’m sure it was prison for him, it was more like Betty Ford for me. That guy is just full of fresh air and vigor. Jeeze. I have, in reality, just finished reading his autobiography which is quite good (did you know he joined the SAS as a civilian?). I highly recommend this one. He either has a great ghost writer or he can actually write pretty well with frankness, brevity and a sense of humor. I just love little bitty chapters. Makes the read go SO much quicker. This was an impulse buy for me while traveling (picked up in the airport), but it totally worked out. Even if you don’t like the series, the guy has a really interesting story and a great outlook on life and family. Though I’m still undecided on whether I’d want to be stuck at Betty Ford with him. Grubs really aren’t my cup of tea.


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